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Tradewind Yachts

For over 30 years we have been trading in the building, maintenance and restauration of classic yachts and classic cars.

At our boat yard in the Flemmish village of Walsoorden we build the traditional range of Tradewind Yachts and our brokerage offers a good selection of second hand vessels.
At Lion Classics you can find everything about our classic car service.

Tradewind Yachts can store, service or refit your yacht. We provide our clients with a comprehensive service to help you with all aspects of your yachting.

The traditional appearance of the Tradewind yachts combined with the high-standard and modern materials used in their construction weaves seamlessly with yard owner Austin Lion’s attitude to life.

His main objective is to retain the historic value of the object. This showes in the restauration of the old barn built in 1773 which houses the yard, and the classic yachts and vintage cars that are restored with the greatest care and attention to detail. 

This spirit can also be observed in the construction of the new winter storage sheds and the new Tradewind yachts where the traditional appearance, classic atmosphere and historic values in respect of build quality are at the heart of our business.

“Our clients purchase a very comfortable tradition” 

Our Contacts


Tradewind Yachts BV
Walsoordensestraat 11A


+31 (0) 114 681 127


Working Hours:

Mo - Fr: 08.00 - 17.00
Sat: 09.00 - 16.00
Sunday closed